product photography on white background

Product Photographs on a white background.

Product photographs taken on a white background are probably my number one request. They feature in just about every website and catalogue where the product needs to stand out on a plain background. Product photographs on a white background  also make a designers job easier, as they will blend into a website using white as its main background colour such that you can’t see the edges of the photo itself.  You can tell when a high quality design and good photographs have been used as you can’t see a grey, yellow, or magenta colour cast as the so called white photo background doesn’t match the background of the page.

Most of the products on white backgrounds tend to be small and can easily be undertaken in our Cambridge based photo studio. We have a drop-off and pick-up facility available, whereby you can just deliver your products to us, we’ll photograph them on the white background and upload your images where you can download at your leisure and then pick up your products when you next drop by. We regularly photograph, household goods, food, jewellery, luxury goods and  clothing against a white background. Though we have moved studios to photograph larger items, for this we needed a bigger studio and a bigger white background. Its not that many places that can fit in over a hundred elephants !!